Strategy Leadership

Employers are searching for and engaging meaningful partnerships.  Yesterday’s wellness programs have been replaced with data-driven population health initiatives employed to enhance health and reduce costs.  Health system response to employer demand must be precise and integrate hospital resources.  With over 3,700 employers embracing our technology across the United States, Applied Health Analytics understands the commercial market, and positions community-based health systems as the preferred provider of population health management solutions.


Best-in-Class Technology

Trusted by health professionals across the United States, Applied Health Analytics provides a comprehensive suite of software applications within a single platform.  Designed to align the health interests of employers with the professionals, service lines and resources of community-based providers, Applied Health Analytics’ technology optimizes data interoperability to identify risk, manage wellbeing initiatives, maximize workflow efficiency and mitigate risk while driving health system revenue and enhancing payer mix.

Go-to-Market Support

Health systems choosing to compete for the growing demand for employee health management initiatives, face a sea of competition offering a broad array of solutions, technology and services.  Understanding how to build and execute an effective sales strategy includes fielding professional representation armed with accurate data detailing market knowledge will optimize sales success.  Applied Health Analytics can hire, train and manage health system representation and provide comprehensive market intelligence within an accurately sourced, pre-populated sales pipeline management system.



The decision to compete for employer-centric population health initiatives is an important one.  Health systems choosing to enter this field must carefully assess their ability to deliver on the promise of enhanced employee and workforce health.  Health system leadership interested in launching or expanding their employer initiatives engage Applied Health Analytics’ experienced professionals to define market potential and assess the readiness of their program’s services, operational alignment, marketing, pricing and personnel sufficient to successfully compete for and win employer business.

Sales Management and Reporting Technology (bSMART)

Applied Health Analytics’ bSMART system is a pre-populated sales pipeline management application designed for health systems, brokers and any organization targeting employers as potential customers. This easy-to-use application aggregates data from several sources and provides a comprehensive listing of employers that includes valuable information detailing contact information, health insurance profile, consultant affiliation, premium spent and much more. Within bSMART, users can actively record and manage the selling process, and produce reports measuring individual and team performance.



bMetrix™ is a proprietary application that automates the collection of biometric values from point-of-care screening events. The intuitive application creates a seamless technology experience, giving clinicians and screeners more time to focus on providing education and support at a point-in-time when participants are most interested in their health .  Data instantly transfers from screening devices into bMetrix™, reducing transcription errors, eliminating security concerns and creating a more efficient workflow. bMetric is a secure application that supports most popular screening devices including CardioChek® and Cholestech LDX®.